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As a mature man, maybe I should have been better for my first fuck gay ready... I had to study alone in a sparsely populated beach in Sussex, if the load of the ferns and bushes to the pebble beach has been decided. I took my shorts just in case (you never know how many of sanctimonious self-sufficiency ), but jizzhut realized he was alone in a bare foot, according to some vague form the sloping hillside. I heard the murmur of voices, flashed a small clearing, I saw two pairs of legs... My presence has been noted and one, two naked men sat down to watch who I was. 'Sorry... I did not intend to intervene... ' ' S'ok, friend, I would. ' The young man rose, took the upper pole and shorts, grabbed her purse and left in the way I was used. The second man just put in his blanket, beautiful body, very soft, no pubic hair, and its tail was very weak in his thigh. 'Come to me... the other guy just convinced me, but couldn't get a hard on yourself, I'm still for fun. ' Very good! All very sudden, but I felt shy about Randy down to next to it. He smiled,' You Gay? I said I was bi, but I liked her body. That led him to sit down and my cock in hand. 'Mmmm... nice foreskin ! ' Betrayed slowly peeling back to my thickening helmet... 'Wow.. look at that beautiful head... ' Pull harder on the base of my shaft, so that the helmet was very big and purple. This was the last time I saw him for a while, and bury it forever in his mouth, his hands molded my balls ( he had lost jizzhut his hanging !) And finger my ass, but does not penetrate. I was glad, because I jizzhut was not sure if there was very clean..... his oral technique was great... I rose to a level of joy, but never even been on the edge... noticd me his cock was inert, so he began to masturbate gently until it showed signs of life, but never really hard..... I have tor your cock in my ass super... 'I come to that conclusion themselves, but protested that he had no lubrication and protection. ' You do not have hair? 'Asked. It is happy jizzhut to take the risk.... my answer jizzhut was, 'OK, let me in this... ' the production of jizzhut a bag, break open, and the inclusion of a bright red condom with grooves . He gave me a sucking hard cock before shooting past unpleasant gum up my helmet and half of my shaft.. No lubricating oil ' No problem, Gorgeous, just some dribble spit in my crack, and it's working,' he assumed the doggy position, her ass cheeks split from a soft rather large hole is red much more studied as the last leg show after a few years ago : I dripped spittle in his hairless crack, worked in the rectum, and then introduced me to get on the list. My recent attempt to close the gap of an old feller what I knew a lot of effort and concentration needed to be, not as a man.... the pressure of light first time I felt my head push effortlessly beyond his sphincter jizzhut and in half.. He is pleased, his breath '.. damn nice.. ' when he pushed the rest of my length to the extent that their soft cheeks let me go.... I got over it... Loved it easier for most of the way out, and then rammed home quickly... loved it, 'the only problem was, despite all my efforts to remember the Battle of Jutland, in detail, I know I was close to cumming. I told him that between deep breaths.. ' Oh, fuck me hard... shit, shit... ! I obliged, warming to my task, I pumped fast and hard, pushing my cum filled condom red, squirmed and struggled as beneath me. I had been well and truly keep, but to push hard while the soft tail allow. I left his ass red... the condom was almost hanging the end of my decline as a red value, the bulb is not surprising that the full light of my cum ( I'm not much of a Cummer ). We were back on the blanket, both jizzhut still breathing hard jizzhut : He took the condom and poured onher nipples, or rub it with your fingers. I asked jizzhut him politely if he released his oral charge.... 'No, thanks, the other took everything I had, I can not stop again.... ' We stayed and chatted for a while before I got up and left. He pushed me back on my back and kissed me passionately, tongues and everything, his hand on my cock. Then it 's over... ' Thank you... best toy I've had for a while... big cock ! 'I made my way back to the beach, a little stronger from the experience. Even today I'd like to meet my gay friend for some real sex....... it was amazing!
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